Friday, September 23, 2005


I have been thinking over the last couple of weeks about one of my college roommates. She lives in New Orleans, you see. So clearly I have had reasons to worry.

I have been Googling her every couple of days to make sure she is ok... but to date, I just kept getting old info. Granted everything I heard made me happy. She seemed her same old self. But today! I finally reconnected my brain and remembered her brother! I Googled him, found his email address and within 5 minutes had an email back from him saying that she is doing fine. She, her husband and daughter had made their way to Panama City, FL!


Now the bad news.

One of my other roommates is in the line of Hurricane Rita! GRRRR

Worse after a 7 hour trek covering 7 miles yesterday, she, hubby and 2 little girls (including my god-daughter) headed back home. Sigh.

This is not been a good season for college roommates. My last one, in Baltimore should start laying in supplies now! Ok, Ali?


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