Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Now there are 3


3 Mice down! God only knows if there are any left though.

Earlier in my attempts to catch my verminous pals I had laid out glue traps. I considered these unsuccessful since the only thing that I seemed to catch was my cat.

While on the whirlwind cleaning streak this afternoon my husband reached under the sink and discovered, not one, but TWO MIECES! WHEE!

Perhaps my house is now clean!? Oh what a very Merry Christmas gift that would be!


Chicka said...

Oh poor little mieces. Santa will not be pleased that they failed in thier mission to deliver your Christmas presents. Now the fat man will have to do it himself. :snicker:

You just have to find where they're getting in and plug it up. That's the hard part!

Chancelucky said...

great picture of sleeping rodent. I hope it's the last tailed visitor to your home for a while.

Maman said...

Hmmm, we can say the rodent is sleeping, if you want....