Monday, December 19, 2005

Random thoughts...

First off, WHEE!!!!!

I caught a mousie! That is the good news.

The bad news is that I caught it in an unauthorized trap. Hubby suggested that I lay out all the traps that I had my possession. I had bought these traps previously but I kept setting them off while trying to set them. Which scared the crap out of me more then the damn mice did. After last week though, I did screw up my courage and set the traps on a BBQ spatula and slid them gently into to place. I baited them with butter figuring the smell of the oil would carry. I guess it worked since I found one on Friday loaded with souris morte.

Naturally the Angel taunted me with it... I believe I have misnamed her somehow. I hope to live to see her gets own back.

Anyone have ideas for a Christmas menu? With all the chaos here, I haven't come up with any ideas. This is getting ridiculous. I am thinking about a gingerbread layer cake with some kind of gingered lemon frosting. Who the heck really knows though. Hubby is ordering the meat from our favorite place.. Allen Brothers just outside the old Chicago Stockyards. This is the place that Charlie Trotter and all the other great chefs in Chicago get their meat.. it is well worth the price and as an extra adventure you can drive down to the stockyards and pick up your order. It is fascinating and gives great insite into what Chicago used to be like.

Lastly... Who was the idiot that put a recipe for a facial scrub in a magazine for children? The Angel made a mess making the damn stuff and then poured it into the tub when she took her bath last night. NO WE DON'T HAVE A SHOWER.

Of course the clever wench that she is, she fudged the recipe a bit. Instead of a drop of oil, she used, oh... 1/4 cup. This means that the tub is a natural disaster area. An oil slick of epic proportions. YUCKY. She is not going to survive to her teens at this rate.

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