Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Angel's Apology

Dear Maman,

I am very sorry that I invited Polly to our house for a sleepover without telling you and on a Holiday! I love you very much...you might think I'm joking, but I'm NOT! Thank oufor every thing you have done nd given me, I really do, the the ArtSet computer thing (I'll need help with that).

I think that you should keep on doing what your doing. Once again, I AM VERY VERY SORRY!!!!

Um, thanks for EVERYTHING! From food, to clothes, to gifts to LOVE.

This is a thing I made for you!

with the word "Love"

Vastly (No idea what that means.... SORRY)
EggNog (Who doesn't Love Eggnog)

Yeah its NOT the best thing in the world but yeah! Did I mention I'M SORRY and that I Y U.

Mom Ys
Other people, including us, with

Also NOT the best thing in the world, but yeah!

Your daughter,

The Angel


Chicka said...

Now you know why you call her Angel. :sniffle:

Give that kidlin a hug for me. (What a schmoozer she is.)

Maman said...

I will... she needed to make it good since she was also grounded until the end of the year... (2005)