Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Eve

This year we decided to do something different for New Year's Eve. Hubby's best friend and his new fiance (congrats!) and her daughter. All the kids knew each other from when mes filles attended an ecole francaise here in town. Yes, I introduced this couple... The second marriage to my credit (thank you very much).

So since we wanted to let the kids have fun together we decided to find a place where they could have time to relax and move around a bit. So we went off to RoSal's on Taylor Street in Chicago where they were serving a dinner like in the movie Big Night. This was the menu:

RoSal’s special Antipasti salad & special Frezzelle

La Zuppa
Broth with pasta, carrots & meatballs

I primi
Tri color risotto
Stuffed Artichoke

Ii primi
RoSal’s awesome Timpano

I secondi
Baked chicken, Salmon & Artichoke, Ravioli & Italian vegetables
Assorted sweets & cookies
This was very very tasty and I would have enjoyed it more if I had failed to wear my power panties, more commonly known as spanx! Unfortunately I got about 4 courses into the meal and couldn't eat another bite.... On the plus side the line of my slacks was beautiful.... assuming that anything that I wear cold be describe that way. And that is for you all to judge. Even my friend, Samantha, who is 5'4" and maybe 110lbs ate more than I did... les enfants, ate in their typical childish ways... picking and choosing their way through the menu.
The kids had a great time and so did we adults... it was nice to catch up and hear about the wedding in October. We are planning to get them together sooner than that though...
Bonne Annee tout le monde!

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