Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Birthday Weekend -- Part Un

Sorry, I am so upset with the outcome of this weekend that I can only approach it in small digestable chunks. I am still trying to figure out how everything managed to suck so incredibly badly. Maybe one of you can explain it to me.

This sad tale began actually several weeks ago when I asked the Angel about whether she wanted her birthday party at the Windy City Field House... No. Of course, not. I'm ruining her life, blah, blah, blah... I pointed out the positives and found that she would rather NOT have a party then do the party this way.

FINE! Fuck it! just the family party then.

Thursday of the following week, I get the, "So when are we having my party?"


We aren't. NOW, I am really ruining her life. Oh, and did I mention that her expectation is for a boy-girl party, followed by a sleepover! OH NO, I don't THINK so!

So I got to spend the entire weekend being yelled at by the Angel. And then the my husband because I won't bend over backwards, twist and kiss my own tush to make this most ungrateful of girls happy. Why is he irritated? She is making noise and he doesn't like noise. So, she has figured out if she makes enough noise she gets her way.


Because I bitched and complained about her being unreasonable (and very last minute).

And I got my way. But it was a pyrrhic victory at best. Because that meant that I got to listen to everyone dump on me.

This soooo isn't worth it.

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