Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wheee! Glad to hear we can still do this!

Thirteen Things about Maman's Week

1. The Angel's birthday is passed, but I am still in birthday hell

2. The Angel felt that she was entitled to a boy-girl party, a sleep over AND a family party.

3. The Answer was a resounding: NO WAY

4. The Family Party was a bust

5. My best friend and my mother hate each other and sniped at each other during the party.

6. My mother called me on Monday night to scream at me for being a lousy mother, daughter, human being, etc.

7. I have been yelled every day for the last two weeks.

8. I can't take it anymore.

9. I wish that the people in my life would occasionally keep their negative thoughts to themselves out of love for me.

10. I think this will never happen. I think the people in my life feel that I am there to serve them.

11. Oh, did I mention that the night of the family party, we invited my parents to come with us on a vacation to Hawaii?

12. I don't want to go anymore.

13. Did I mention that I still have to host 3 girls at my place for a sleepover this weekend. God only knows how I will disappoint all of them.

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Sleeping Mommy said...

Ah I'm sorry you are having such a rough week. I say fooey on everyone. Take some time for yourself. You do NOT exist to serve everyone else. Take care Maman.

Here's the link to my thirteen:

Feel better soon. Give everyone a swift kick in the nuts. Okay?

Suz said...

Happy TT

Sounds like you have had some week. Happy Birthday to your Angel. Why did you invite your parents to Hawaii? Thats a place I always wanted to go to.

Hugs Suz