Wednesday, January 18, 2006


But in this case, I think it is a good thing... Not a Martha Stewart kind of good thing but positive more or less (for me anyway)

I awoke to the sound of screaming this morning. Generally that is the normal way of life.. Fights about who was the owner of the last pair of clean socks, etc. Today, it was more like an earth shattering shriek. Charming.

Luckily, I was being given the luxury of sleeping in... My husband (who some how lately objects to being referred to as hubby in this blog, so I will now start referring to him as the Porn King, or PK for short) yelled up to her to be quiet. But she continued shrieking because she had found a dead mouse in her room.

Okay..... I guess it is time to get up.

As I got dressed, I saw PK walking into her room with a garbage bag and a pair of tongs. Sorry, I had no camera available otherwise I would have snapped a picture of this... It was fairly absurd looking, or maybe that is the lack of caffeine coloring my view. On his way back down, he let me know that this was the second mouse carcass that was discovered this morning (is that carkie in the plural?). He had found another one in the kitchen this morning.

It turns out that my mystery from Sunday is solved. I know what is causing the death of these pestilential vermin (Thank you, Jo!). It is ME!

A while ago I put out some poison for my unwanted guests. I had gotten the feeling that nothing was happening although the poison was disappearing, so I had upped the poison level from mousie poison to RAT and mousie poison. By the way, I figured out a way to administer this poison while not harming my much beloved but clearly intellectually incurious pets. I had pulled the carpet from my bedroom last year and discovered that while installing my carpeting years ago a piece of molding had been removed from the wall in my bedroom creating a small crack between the flooring and the wall. I used this space to load first a little Parmesan cheese and then my rat poison. Add a little bit of time.... and VOILA! Souris mortes.

Now the only question is why the little dears come out from under the floor boards to shake off their mortal coils...

And whether any additional corpses will appear this weekend during the Angel's birthday sleepover!


Amy said...

We had mice in our old place and laid out poison pellets. The man at the store assured us that 99% of the time the mice take it back to their mousey home and never come back. Well three of them came out of the woodwork to die in my kitchen. Maybe it is their last final act of revenge.

Chicka said...

Hey, better they come out in the open to die and leave carcii abound, than to die in the walls.

Meesces smell NASTY when they decompose. Trust me on this.