Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh I am loving this!

As much as I loved being pregnant with my filles, there were times that I felt that the baby was like a parasite sucking away on my body. A parasite that I wanted... but sucking away none the less...

Now, I think we have some proof that I wasn't too far off!

Apparently the NYTimes (at least according to Salon) is reporting that an evolutionary biologist claims that "evolutionary biologist Dr. David Haig, an expectant mother can suffer from a difficult pregnancy because she and her fetus are unconsciously fighting over a fixed amount of nutrients".

And that this might be why some women might suffer from difficult pregnancies as a result. For instance, the pre-eclampsia that I suffered from with the Angel may have been caused by her body's attempt to produce a protein to increase the amount of nutrition that she was getting from our food. Click here to read the article in Salon.

I wondering if this is why I am always in such conflict with the Angel? Have we been fighting it out since she was an embryo?

Oh and if you had nothing but cheerful, happy pregnancies that never, EVER felt like your body had been taken over by an alien life-form or maybe even a tapeworm and you object to my description of my own child as a life-sucking leech, please keep it to yourself...

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Chicka said...

I still say Emily was giving me grief ever since she was conceived. LOL!