Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And the Reason I am Worried About Sharks?

Les Filles and I are going to learn to SURF! I emailed the girls from Girls Who Surf and they called me pretty much right back (given an 8 hour time change). I spoke with Cherry and got our lesson set up!!! WHEE!

Imelda is really looking forward to it.. she has been reading alot about Bethany Hamilton is looking forward to emulating her (except the shark attack, naturally) (Only Imelda would read a book (WHEE SHE READ A BOOK FOR FUN!) about a girl who survived a shark attack and come away MORE enthused about surfing...

But if Imelda can look forward to it, so can I!!

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jimg said...

I tried surfing a few years back on a trip to Australia. It was a riot and I totally sucked at it. Have a blast!
I am thinking of skydiving for my 40th, what do you think?