Monday, April 10, 2006

Cancel My Happy Feelings, or Why I am Pissed at PetsMart

I am not going to make it until this vacation.

I got the address of the vacation house and googled earthed it... now Fun Daddy isn't sure the house is "close enough" to the beach!!! Cripes.

Oh and the kennel called and decided that they aren't going to be able to take my dog after all... Apparently she needs to have a shot she hasn't gotten yet. She needs to have it 48 hours before she is boarded... ooohhh and did I mention that deadline passed an HOUR AGO!

Just so you know... The kennel in question was the new PetsHotel part of PetsMart. Oh and the dog's vet? The Banfield veterinary Care at my neighborhood PetsMart. But apparently, like every other detail in my life it was my responsibility to know the names and dates of all of the shots that my dog has received... I was guessing that all of these services under one roof would make my life simpler... instead I still was responsible for all the leg work and $23/day.

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