Friday, May 12, 2006


Just double checking that last night's post made sense. I had a couple of cocktails after I finally got the Angel off to slumberland... I was still considering inducing her sleep via the application of a sledgehammer to her little skull so I think I did very well by just tipsy blogging. (I should try to diagram that sentence so I can find how many grammar rules that I just broke... Mrs. Ginsburg would be sooo disappointed in me) At the time, I thought that I had spell checked and all that, but I thought it best to check it out to be sure.

Things are still sucky around here. I awoke this morning to yet another argument about what to wear to school. CATHOLIC SCHOOL. Sweet Jesus! Why are we arguing about this crap!

Ok.. today was not a regular school day. They are having a dress up day. It is May Crowning. (Why they don't do this on May 1st is beyond me. That is when Mom would pull out her Lladro and we would make a shrine for it and then gather lilacs and mock orange and dandelions. But, whatever. I think they wait until the first Friday after First Communion as the 3rd graders get to wear their dresses to the crowning). Last year, I got a note explaining that the kids needed to dress up for girls not slacks... they needed to wear a dress or skirt. No, jeans, polos or spaghetti straps. This year, they were MORE specific. The skirt must be knee length or longer. This seems reasonable to me. You really shouldn't slutty it up to honor the Virgin.

Of course, the Angel used this opportunity to express her own personal individuality. She selected her favorite miniskirt and a print t-shirt. Which I immediately nixed.


Oh crap. Let's just say it was high drama with a grand mal temper tantrum thrown by my oh sooooo grown up 11 year old. All over something that even I don't have any control over. I didn't set the rules. I am just enforcing it. BLECH..... After the usual threats and tussle, she went to bed and I blogged. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Oh! And thanks to Jim for coming to my rescue with the info I needed and letting me vent!

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