Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The rest of the Harry Potter party pictures

Yeah! Try saying that five times fast! Here we are lined up outside of International House waiting for the doors to open. Yes, we WERE first in line until we got to the door of the room that the party was being held in... and Then the woman next to Imelda in the Gryffindor scarf managed to push past the CHILDREN to get to be first in line.

Ironically, as I was trying to get pictures of this witch (she wore a hat that seemed like it would have belonged to Neville's grandmother) she kept ducking out of the way. The sad fact, was that I wanted a picture of her, so you can see what kind of crazy bitch pushes an 11 year old to be first in line for a book she can't even touch for another two hours.

This gentlemen was Rufus Scrimgeour.... he was giving out prizes with Prof. McGonagall... They were really quite amusing. Especially when the same kid won the prefect badge for both Hufflepuff and Slytherin (yes, there was an aside comment made about cheating which under the circumstances seemed completely appropriate)

Then shortly before midnight the Minister was attacted by Death Eaters that found their way into the auditorium... it was très amusant. (Particularly since the Minister escaped... this time anyway)

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