Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idiots strike again!

Now my fucktard neighbors are harassing the landscapers working at my house.

Yes, not satisfied from trying to collect a pound of flesh that they didn't deserve from the builders... Now, the Schmitts are trying to collect it from the landscapers. See, the landscapers employ Mexicans.. and the Schmitts don't like anyone that doesn't look or sound like them. Charming I know...

They are claiming that the landscapers have infringed onto their property by a foot and of course removed their sod.

Naturally, they are very upset and are considering calling the police. (NO! DUH! This makes what? the 12th time they have called the cops on people working at my house)

Here is the problem though. This thing about the foot? IS CRAP. a bald-faced lie.

Once again, my money-grubbing, blackmailing neighbors are looking for a pay out for something that didn't happen.

Oh, and now they use this as an excuse to sit shirtless on their front porch, drinking beer and "supervising" the work... Since a "little lady" like me doesn't understand how these workers are always trying to screw us good Americans over.

Sheesh. What a twit convention they have going over there.

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