Monday, July 02, 2007

Why Does the Time Fly By?

Do you remember the Parent Trap?

Those kids were at camp all bleeding summer!

French camp? One week!

That isn't right. No sir, it is not!

We picked up the Angel on Friday from French camp so that we could take her to her next camping excursion... Church camp.

Ironically in the 2 scant hours we had together, the Angel managed to pick a fight and only be polite to me when I was giving her stuff.

When I made her go clean her face? Bad Attitude. (Like I made the no makeup rule!)

The next day we picked up Imelda, who was tired, but happy to be back with us and we treated her with a nice road trip through Southern Wisconsin and a nice stay at a clean hotel.. Yeah? We are fun parents. We took her to the cheese museum to prove it.

Sadly, we will be retreiving the Angel in a few short hours.

Hopefully, the light of the Baby Jesus will have entered her heart and beaten the crap out of the sullen preteen I saw on Friday. Please. oh, please.

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