Saturday, September 15, 2007

All Right, Missy!

I have had enough of this crap!

Do you hear me?

Hannah? Miley? Billy Ray? Any of you Jonas Brothers boys? Is anyone there?

Or is this just the silence that I hit when dealing with Ticketmaster?

Yup... just what I thought. I got screwed over by Hannah Montana again. Like an idiot, I went back and tried again for the tickets. 10am... the main set of tickets went on sale. And by 10:03 I got the rejection.

No tickets at any price.

So I called... maybe the online thing is screwed up? Well hope springs eternal, I guess.

Nope. There aren't 4 tickets together.

Ok? Can I get two?

Sure. But they are in DIFFERENT SECTIONS. "You're joking," I said, "This is a concert for 10 year olds." Nope. He wasn't joking. The time was now 10:15. I asked if there were EVER any tickets available. He claimed that there were. I should keep coming back to check... to see if people cancel their tickets... or sell them through TicketMasters new TicketExchange... Where both I and the jerk who is trying to hustle me for way overpriced tickets can get gouged by TicketMaster.

Bite Me.

TicketsNow has seats: $188-1,525... those tickets that are almost $200 were selling for $22.
Stub Hub: $159-$1,629
Ticket Liquidator: $167-$6,844 $215-$1,650

I could go on and on...

So I guess the lesson to Imelda is this:

Show business sucks. They want to drain every last penney from you and give you nothing in return. Even a little girl from the Disney Channel. This concert has been a screwjob from the beginning.


I am going back to bed.


Chicka said...

No concert in the world is worth that amount of money.

If it were us - we would be watching HM reruns at home that night.

JayMonster said...

Ummm, where the heck were there $22 tickets, because I want to go there. I was able to secure tickets for Hannah at the Prudential Center in NJ. The cost? $120 each. (Yes face value).

On the other side of the coin Hannah is not setting the prices (nor is Billy Ray). Blame Disney (or whatever promoter), blame these arenas that can't seem to turn a profit even with Billion Dollar Sodas and 2 Billion dollar buckets of popcorn. Blame the RIAA that things everybody should pay through the nose for every bit of music they hear. But don't blame the acts... they rarely have any control.

Maman said...

I hear ya Jay... Keep this in mind though, I wrote this during a week when I saw my little girl look all sad and say to me, "Thanks for trying, Mom"... my heart was broken.