Monday, September 10, 2007

More crazy stuff from Dad

Which will undoubtedly be impossible for me to post courtesy of the FBI or NSA or who ever tries to screws with criticisms of the powers that be...

and yes, I know that I sound nuts, but I keep having trouble whenever I post something contrary to the Republicans... there is a thin line between coincidence and paranoia.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, my father:

Of course you know that if you are willing to swear to the Muslim religion you will have the 70 virgins before they murder you . Your daughters will of course throw out being a Christian. I'm sure the Angel and Imelda will make good Muslim women. Right .

You are right Obama is entitled to become president. And I have no doubt that you can make the transition. Check your stats about Europe and who will be prominent in the next 20 years because people do not recognise the threat. The English and the French are now starting to recognise what peril their countries are in. Ten years from now the Netherlands will be prominently Muslim Progressive Iran.

Hmm, obviously faith and religion do not mean any thing to you. Sweetie you can intellectualise every thing and the radicals love you guys. Why not? They will use this to conquer you.

I would like to thank God I will be dead but I will be sad to know that you let it happen. Obama is the start. But what the hell I'm just an old Catholic conservative. I suspect that those Catholics from South American and Spanish speaking countries will do more to defend the faith than those so called intellectuals from the good old USA.

There was an old adage from the 60's Better red than dead. Check your Koran It is the Muslim religion that dictates. There really is no progressive form of the religion. If Obama is true to his faith than he is duty bound.

You can criticize the right wing religious conservatives, but they will not roll over. However the new adage should be better Muslim and with Allah than being an infidel .

Vote Barack Obama. The next worse scenario is voting for Hillary.
So, let me double check.

So far I am:

  • a lesbian;
  • a heretic;
  • easily influenced;
  • living in an ivory tower;
  • a communist;
  • a coward;
  • a shitty mother; and
  • a traitor to my country.

Because I pointed out stupidly incorrect facts to my family. Don't you wish you were me? I guess I will go wait for the terrorists to come blow me up like my father told me he hoped so he can put a yellow ribbon on his car like the other patriots. Maybe afterward they can all go out to a good book burning.

Maybe then his only surviving child (my self-absorbed and aggrandizing sister) will acknowledge the family. She will want a ribbon and to spit on my grave too.

I want to go and cry now.

I can't believe how little respect anyone in my family has for me. It breaks my heart.

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Randy said...

Wow, sounds like you and Petey have extremely differing views. Good luck at Grandma's party!