Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I go to basketball games

Ahhh, junior high sports.

The thrill of the action, the roar of teenage boys trying to attract the attention of the girl/player of their choice with the loudest and rudest comments.... the smell of that hair spray that dyes their hair navy blue...

This is week two of the junior high girls baskeball... our results this week are completely opposite of last. 6th Grade wiped the floor with their opponents in green. Imelda played only one quarter, but played it with heart. When the ball touched her hands, she refused to relinquish it to anyone. Even knocking a girl on her kiester. And man, that girl was pissed.

The Angel played all four quarters because her team only has 7 players. The giantesses in green had more than twice that number...It was an ugly outing... elbows and fingernails were flying. The Angel fouled twice... which is unusual.. she plays an pretty clean game. But she took a knee in the back and came out scratched and angry. Her team scored 7 points... The Angel made 5 of them. The girls in green with their full bench of fresh players, creamed them. They scored 22. Our girls looked like they wanted to cry....

And all the way home, the Angel drank water and seemed ready to vomit. So ready, that I got her a bag to catch it.... (Thank goodness for being a dog owner, I always have a ready supply of poop/barf bags)

Next week is another week... I know mes filles will be ready, but in the meantime, I am watching the Angel tonight to make sure she doesn't dehydrate.

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