Monday, November 12, 2007

Pix from Aunt Fran!

At long last I am posting the photos that my Aunt Fran sent me from the trip to Lockport. This first shot is the dinner we had the night before the big party at The Metropolitan. Nanny was surprised that anyone would sing for her.... Imagine her surprise when we left the joint and the band in the bar area played happy birthday for her again! She was a celebrity in town that weekend!
Les filles at dinner posing for Aunt Fran. Their cousin, Kyle is trying to have a conversation with the guys in the background!
Mes filles avec leur pere!
Nanny after mass receiving the Proclamation from the Mayor (although this dude ain't him) Please note assorted cousins, including my cousin Pilar who NEVER comes to these events and her friend Jay who is a playright. Also my cousins Loretta and Loretta's daughter/grandaughter (depending on persepective) in the pink dress.
Here is Imelda with Chach and Aunt Fran.... after the ceremony, Aunt Fran took the girlies out shopping for new outfits! Aren't Aunties the best?

Finally here is my Dad and his best friend, Ron. It was because of Uncle Ron and my Aunt Judy that my folks were introduced.... Aunt Judy lived down the street from my mom when they were little and mom used to walk to kindergarten with Judy.....

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Anonymous said...

Is that the basement of St Johns? I felt a chill when I saw that.