Friday, January 25, 2008

An Evening Chez Maman

Please note the fantastic job MonAnge did with my hair.....


Poppy Cede said...

Yaaaaay, sound this time!!!!

Um... "for cripes sakes"?

And you think you deserve an F-bomb?!

Weak. ;)

MonAnge losing it when you said she was constipated as a baby is my favorite part!

You are obsessed with me. *giggle*

You should just chop your hair off! When it's a tiny bit longer.

Yay for long video!

Anonymous said...

Gretchaniavich- OK, you need to stop looking like your mom AND dad! Holy cow! Get some contacts of Lasix and call Ms. Loreal to get rid of the gray. Although you come by it honestly!

Maman said...

Oh Randy, Randy, Randy... I like my glasses. I think they give my face character. Besides, they are Gucci, bitch!

And the gray hair is a losing battle... Trust me... even Mom went gray.

Just be fucking grateful, that I didn't shave my head like she did.

And Poppy, 'Cripes sakes' was for MonAnge. I am trying to be a good roll model for my teenage daughter.

And Randy/or Jim? No pointing out that this is a lost cause when it comes to my bad language. Since you two would know.