Wednesday, January 23, 2008


NO, not that movie... I won't link it because it depresses me to think about.

This is a tale of two teenage girls.

One was 13 in 1979 and is shown here. Why do I look 28? Did I ever have a youth? Yeah I must have.. and apparently I squandered it.

Blech. Whatever.

This girl has done it right. She looks cute, happy, athletic and popular.

She could improve her grades, but I can help her with that. Over all I would rather be her.

Happy Birthday, my darling 13 year old girl, MonAnge!

(in case you are wondering.. and I am sure none of you are, I have decided to substitute MonAnge for The Angel... I think it flows better... what do you think?)

Oh and her horoscope for today, via the Chicago Tribune:

Today's Birthday (Jan. 23). A partnership developed this year brings you security. You'll also make new friends and do things you've never done before. Try not to spend too much on toys.

I should have thought of this before... but I just double checked on IMDb to see who MonAnge shares a birthday with to see if this gives me any insight into her and her personality... it is an interesting mix:

Tiffani Thiessen (34)
Norah O'Donnell (34)
Mariska Hargitay (44)
Gail O'Grady (45)
Princess Caroline of Monaco (51)
Richard Dean Anderson (58)
Rutger Hauer (64)
Chita Rivera (75)
Jeanne Moreau (80)

Nope... it isn't really helping me much.


Poppy Cede said...

You have a beautiful smile and she has spectacular eyes.

Happy birthday to her!

Chicka said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo. (Hey, mine's Monday! Too funny!)