Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am all over the board...


I can't help myself.

I think about too many things at the same time... and that is part of the reason that I

a. don't blog

b. blog too many places


c. blog about erratically random items...

to that end,

I will or potentially will add (jeebus, I can't make any promises... I am freaking busy...) a list of things that amuse me...

such as this band that I am watching on Letterman that is dressed in capes like they are Hobbits.... (sorry if they don't look like Hobbits on MySpace...) Fuck! That is odd.

also in thought?

Barack Obama v. Hillary Clinton
Lucy Liu
Chicxulub Crater
Luis Walter Alvarez
Walter Alvarez
Alverez and Alverez
Huge impact craters
alcholism v. mourning

Yeah... I am a bit off tonight....

and I know too much geology...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE THAT LED ME ASTRAY!!!!!!

maybe not.. I do know 5 geologists....darn

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