Friday, May 30, 2008

Enough Already!

It has been a leafy week here for me as I take the multiple versions of the decorative leaf for the Stammbam from the Auld Sodd.

Now, not only do I have to meld 6 different pictures together but it would be swell if I can show all the most important features of each individual. Oh, and do I mind splitting apart people who are in the SAME picture so that they can be moved to more appropriate places? Grrr

I have accomplished them all. But I swear I will freak if asked to do more. I am irritated at this point. Particularly as Fun Daddy is complaining about all the other things that I am NOT accomplishing.

I think leaf side 2 looks better over all. Not only for my improved photoshopping skills but also because most of the people in the picture do look like someone peed in their cornflakes that morning. (Christmas Eve, 1951 to be specific)

The first round of the second side of the leaf was met with complaint that it was too wide and my MIL was too far from the center. Can't I crunch people in together more?

Now I am hearing that I failed to show Uncle Carl's rank. When he was in the Army. During WWII. In the first half of the LAST CENTURY. Oh and when the engravers start their work they will probably be able to spread apart the people in the image right?

Because when you have melded 7 clips from 6 photos which include two brides, a soldier, a guy in sunglasses, two bedraggled children and two floating heads the main issue is to not cut a stripe off the soldiers sleeve from sixty years ago.


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