Friday, May 16, 2008

Is there a logic that I am missing?

Several weeks ago there was a cougar wandering the streets of Chicago. And by cougar, I do not mean a sexually aggressive woman of a certain age (mine) on the prowl for young hot men.

I mean a mountain lion.

Found two blocks from a school that was about to get out for the afternoon. So the police did the logical thing. They shot it. Now, I know what you are saying. They could have caught it, but really the timing was not with them. Animal control was not with them. The kids were going to be released soon and the lion was cornered. Shooting it was the smartest option.

What has happened as a result?

Some twit has called threats into a public school and someone tried to burn down the Mayor's casual getaway place in Michigan.

Why is this stupid?

A. Kids not responsible for being vulnerable to mountain lion attacks. And I am sure that it wasn't the pack of kids coming out of school that would have been targeted by said big cat. It would have been the kid who touched a note passed between warring frenemies that was kept after school for 15 minutes to teach her a lesson that would have been lion chow.

B. In the course of trying to set the Mayor's casual getaway place on fire the twit involved did not damage said property but instead burned down someone else's house (the head of the Chicago Options exchage house was destroyed and someone third party house was significantly damaged. Smooth move, Ex-Lax!). Oh and I am sure that in the course of the dune fire that was set, a number of small critters were burned up as well as their already too quickly shrinking habitat! Yeah MORONS! Net effect? Direct target not effected and significant collateral damage! YEAH!!!! Idiots rule.

Oh, and the FBI and the Michigan State Fire Marshall's have the threatening letter sent to Mayor Daley.

Yup, that was a clever-ass plan.

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