Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make a Mental Note

When it is 5:00 pm and you need to purchase a rosary (and YES, I know you non-Catholics are thrilled by this), head your ass over to the closest Catholic hospital you can find. In our case it was Resurrection Hospital.

But hurry. Because the gift shop closes as 6:00 pm.

Happy Birthday Baby Tera!

And to Her Bad Mother's Sprout too!

Oh, and thank Fun Daddy for not continuing to follow the little old lady driving her 15 years old Oldsmobile the entire way. I might have expired from irritation as she was driving 23 miles an hour in the 35 zone. Ironically, or not perhaps, she pulled into one of the handicapped parking spaces in the hospital parking lot just as we were leaving with our purchase. And yes, I am certain it was the same woman... she had a custom license plate.

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