Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Science Olympiad

The last couple of weeks I have been hauling the girls and a bunch of their friends to St. Auggie's for the Girl's Science Olympiad.

The events have largely been related to building protective devices for eggs.

Today was the last day.

Here were our results:

Imelda's team built a structure that at once protected an egg and held 15 science books or about 65 lbs. Lillith's team's structure held 17 books or about 75lbs.

The winning team's held 52 books or a whopping 230 lbs.

Apparently the teacher who has organized these programs previously had worked with the boys at an area high school. The boys record was 40 books! Take THAT boys!

Our girls took 3rd place over all. Not bad considering they have been getting substandard science education all year!

I of course, will be working on fixing that over the summer. I think we will be dissecting some worms, as they are plentiful in the back yard. I am also going to cover meteorology, some geology and botany. Bwwwah haa haa haa...

Oh, and I don't think you can tell... but the trophy is a baseball glove with a glittered egg inside!

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