Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrity Snooze

Yeah, the east end here is full of celebrities… and I was certainly looking forward to a summer full of Brinkley/Cook divorce explosions... The closest I am going to get now is second hand gossip from FIL and FD as they hang out at the bar (Murph’s)

  • Peter Cook had rented a “stabbin’ cabin” at the Waterside
  • Billy Joel doesn’t tip
  • Celebrities don’t pay their bills but if you run over their lawn for not paying their landscaping bill they will have you arrested.
  • Jimmy Buffet is a dick

Yup. Those are my exciting tidbits. And sadly, the only way to get more is to let those two geniuses ditch me and the kids again. Cuz, there is nothing that I enjoy more than listening to two hungry teens whine about how hungry they and when their father and grandfather are going to be home. Yeah, good times.

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