Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cynical or Stupid

I know it is in vogue here in Chicago to be looking for ways that the government is screwing us over. God knows, that there is plenty of graft and patronage still left in the old machine...

But really people.

This is ridiculous:

County hires firm employing Daley nephew

Now normally, I would be thinking... ok, maybe there is something to this...

But people!

The firm that was hired was MORGAN STANLEY.

Not some shoddy operation. Puh-leeze pull your heads from your keisters and find some real freaking news. Like what the county is planning on doing with the over 10% sales tax that is be collected.

When does a sales tax become a VAT? Just curious for those who might know. I am too tired (lazy) to look it up.

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