Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The other night at dinner Imelda and Lillith were discussing jewelry.

I wasn't really paying too much attention until I notice that Imelda mentioned that she an her friend Johanna were planning on getting matching rings.

Matching Rings? Naturally, this caught my attention. "Why matching rings, honey?" I asked.

Well it turns out that all the girls at camp were discussing their plan to remain chaste until marriage and that they decided that they would all get matching purity rings.

Now. I know that my parents considered me the Whore of Babylon but chastity rings? Chastity pledges? For a 12 year old? Ok.. 13 too if you count Lillith.. but hell, she already is sneaking boys into the house.

I am trying to raise these girls to be respectful of the bodies and to NOT undertake sex carelessly.

But I am not entirely certain I am comfortable with this level of deterrent.

If I refuse to buy the rings am I saying, "It's Fleet Week, girls! Go entertain the sailors?" There must be some happy medium. Isn't there?

And why does it always make me think of this:


Poppy said...

Perhaps time to have a talk with each of them separately to make sure they understand what that ring means and that it's a personal decision, NOT a peer pressure group decision... and then see if they still want to wear it. If so... a ring! :D

I have no rings, so I was all excited to read about them. I should just go buy a ring so I stop being a dork about rings. I used to have some! But they were Mary-Kate and Ashley rings and they kept breaking.

Chicka said...

Oh jeebus that IS creepy. How about just staying a virgin for virginity's sake? Who needs a ring to symbolize that?

My symbol would be a black eye on the guy who didn't respect me saying, "no." There's a symbol for you.