Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eve of Destruction

Our musical trek.

When on a car ride of 18 or so hours you listen to a lot of music. Now generally on shorter journeys the kids choice reign. And so we listen to hours of 20 on 20 a special chore as it plays the same songs over and over again for weeks at a time.

But on a trip of this length it is essential to switch it up a bit lest you want to jump out of the moving vehicle into on coming traffic. Also, if you want me to do any driving after dark or in the rain (or as is usually the case for me) in the dark rain you are going to want to supply me with perky music from my childhood (range late 60s to early 80s) to both listen and sing too. A shaddup. I don’t care. Yes, I will sing in the car. And since my particular shift was in the rain from 11:00 to 3:00am

Luckily having satellite radio makes it easy for me to make my specific selections. Here were some of the highlights of my listening:

Don McLean: American Pie – long, convoluted and allegorical. Kids love it!
Tony Orlando: He don’t Love You – sigh. I love dthat show. Thelma Hopkins was my favorite part of Dawn.
Richard Harris: MacArthur Park – ironically unknown to me, the quintessential MacArthur Park… I didn’t realize this version was tops of the chart and the album it was on was on the charts for a year. Now I understand why there were so many bad albums by actors. I must say, William Shatner, or as we call him Chez Maman, "The Shat" has nothing on Harris. Come on... Albus Dumbledore, rock legend?
Elton John: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Yeah, I almost forgot her covered that too. As a sidenote it was fun trying to explain what “covering” was to Lillith.
Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction. That is just how I always feel driving out there...
Paula Abdul: Opposites Attract She did what three semi decent songs and this is why I am forced to deal with her on AI? She wouldn’t have even gotten to Hollywood. Sheesh.
The Beatles: Yesterday. My favorite
Aretha Franklin: Some Petula Clark cover... Oh, I remember now, I Say a Little Prayer for You. Weird. She had to pull her voice. Since it was too much for the song. Just wrong…

But now? It is nap time.

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