Friday, July 04, 2008

Get to know me

I have seen this at enough places, that I thought I should do one too... Go take a look at Avitable's and ChickaNuts

Accent: I know that being born in NY makes me all East Coast Liberal Elite but I talk like people from Cleveland with a touch of Toronto.

Breakfast or no breakfast: what do you call it when you eat around 11:00am?

Chore I don’t care for: I hate cleaning of all sorts. My mother used to tell me that I better marry a rich man.

Dog or Cat: I have had both. We are still in mourning for Barney the 18 year old cat. But Cinnamon is sleeping on the floor next to me right now.

Essential Electronics: My laptop, my Canon EOS 30D, my digital camcorder and my Tilt phone. At least these are all that I will cop to in public...

Favorite Cologne: Not a normal part of my day, though I do like Chanel #19 and this vanilla-y smelling perfume that you can’t get anymore called Casmir by Chopard…. Mostly I give myself a spritz with rosewater because I have always heard it is good for your skin.

Gold or Silver: I don’t wear much jewelry anymore. But have a mix of yellow gold and platinum for special occasions

Handbag I carry most often: Same old black leather Coach purse I have been carrying for the last decade

Insomnia: when I am really tense and not alone.

Job Title: I prefer, "She who must be obeyed". It isn't getting a lot of traction around here.

Kids: Two daughters, Almost 12 and might survive until 14.

Living Arrangements: House with said kids and husband who hasn’t decided which side his bread is buttered on.

Most Admirable Trait: Per the conclusion of the household, I have none. I know too much for my own good and know how to apply that knowledge.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I bit my nails and was unable to realize that at 10 I was the grownup in the house.

Overnight hospital stays: Charmingly enough, all childbirth related. Including the screwed up gallbladder and hernia repair

Phobias: Spiders. I seem them in my dreams and need to turn the lights on. Fun Daddy is less than amused by this.

Quote: Americans are the only people in the world that think that death is optional.

Reason to smile: Imelda’s sweetness and my pooch

Siblings: Brother that died at age 11 when I was 17 because I let him get pneumonia when he was 9 and bitch sister who feels that she has married above the rest of the family and doesn’t want us around to tell everyone about the stripped naked for Kevin and Christopher Mietlicki when we were allowed to sleep over in their tent.

Time I wake up: 7ish unless Fun Daddy decides to me sleep in. When he is home my brain doesn’t hear the alarm because he turns it off before it dings twice.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Weird selection off cocktail party chatter. I can talk to anyone about almost anything.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: I am good with vegetables, at least the standard American ones... Raw seafood is my issue

Worst Habit: Depends on who you talk to. I'm fat, I drink too much, I use language that would make a sailor blush, I yell at people and I still bite my nails. Anything more? Oh yes, I failed in my wifely duty to produce a male heir… and I don’t like to clean. Take your pick. I am horribly flawed, spiteful and bitter.

X-rays: extensive GI series in first grade when I developed an ulcer. Broken left 5th Metatarsal in the 5th grade and full chest series for walking pneumonia in the 6th grade. (I got that on purpose to piss off my mother, I have been told)

Yummy Stuff: creamy, salty foods, but also like sweets and sours. Oh fuck it. I pretty much like all kinds of food

Zoo Animal I Like Most: I am sure that preferred something sweet like dolphins when I was a girl… or unicorns… but now I like the Bonobos… they solve problems using sex. That doesn’t strike me as a bad way to live.

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Anonymous said...


You did not cause PJ's death. He had a chronic disease.

As a matter of fact, you helped to make his life as full as anyone could hope for.