Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello Mr. Asshat.

I would like to go home now. I would like to watch tv besides the disney channel and the Yankees. I really don't want to ever watch that much baseball.

I also want to go home to the land where they deliver your pizza.

This craziness of leaving the house at 6:45pm and returning at 9:00 with the wrong order for the girls again does NOT suit me.

Also when you get pissy with said girls for looking at you like you are misbehaving. That isn't their problem. It is YOU. Mr. Asshat.

Don't arrive home, impossibly late then turn off the movie that Imelda is in the middle of then complain that SHE is a pain in the ass. NO. It is YOU.

Also if you could try to arrange all of our schedules to suit your father a bit less, we would appreciate it. THis really sucks. I wanted to go home Tomorrow. You changed it to Monday to make him feel better.

The fact that this gets Imelda home about 12 hours before cheer camp is of NO consequence to you. I know. You have issues with Imelda. She doesn't cheat or lie or break rules or call me a whore. She definitely sucks.

Of course, you do the same shit every other year when you get them both home a scant 24 hours before school starts. No point making sure that the school year starts out on a good note. They are only your kids Mr. Asshat. They aren't as important as your Daddy.

And by the way. There is no fucking way in hell that I am taking them to the cemetary before we head out of town. One cemetary trip per vacation. That is my rule.

Now Nut Up, be a man and fly right.

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Chicka said...

Good luck with that. I say they all need a swift kick in the nuts.