Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Angry Was I?

Yup... THAT angry.


Poppy said...

More information please.

Are those YOUR things or someone else's?

Did you/that person leave?

Was this at the summer place or at home?


Chicka said...

Run away with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Sizzle said...

That is pretty angry.

Maman said...

Poppy: My things. I was going to leave the girls there for their visit and let FD bring them home. I did not do this. I am still there. The next day I did tell off both alleged adults and told them that I am NOT going to act like their dead mother/wife and to nut up. Ironically, I travel light on clothes but heavy on electronics. sigh. It sucks being a blogger sometimes.

Chicka: Anytime you say my dear... just name the date and place!

Sizz.. no doubting that! But I am ok now. I am just historically displeased to be the class asshat. Plus the day before we spent time with people who reminded me that I was clever and talented.. and it irks me that it is not perceived here at home. sigh.