Friday, August 15, 2008

It is decided!

When the girls go back to school I am going swimming at the YMCA! I have missed it and now I have the ability to take the time for myself for a few reasons:

a. The girls are more independent and can get to school and back for their extracurriculars without my assistance at every moment.

b. I have this perky short hair that drys fast

c. Not having color on my hair anymore means that I don't have to freak out when the chlorine accumulates on the other chemicals turning my hair some freaky color

d. I now know how many laps that I need to swim to go a mile. 44. This number breaks into quarters very easily making my life much simpler than 66.6

e. I splurged and got myself the new Speedo suit for my adventures... AND IT IS IN MY SIZE!!!! You can wear any old bathing suit and go to the beach... but when you wear a Speedo, you are saying, "I am going to swim!"

I can't wait!!!

Sizzle? Chicka? Join me! Swim! Swim like the wind! or the tide or something... What would you swim like?

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Poppy said...

That's a byoooooteeful suit. Enjoy the swims!

Anonymous said...

you will have to do the sidestroke, like adult swim at briarwood.

sorry I couldn't connect my last chicago trip.