Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Achilles Ankle

It continues...

This morning, I was off to find crutches for Tiny Tim er, Imelda. At 5'4" she is in an awkward place for crutches.. 5'2" and under can use the children's crutches.. over that? You need adult ones.

So I hied my way to Walgreens and found out that they sell crutches... BY THE CRUTCH!

Hmmm, do I send her off to school like that? or do I pay the other $42 so she can look like a normal cripple? Damn.

The best part? It turned out that the crutches I bought were two different sizes. Both were set at 5'2" so I didn't notice... until we started to adjust it. ugh. Back to Walgreens I went to exchange it. But no luck. So I returned the damn thing..

After an hour of running around we finally found crutches that fit Imelda. They are a bit tall.. the smallest they had was for someone 5'6". Eeh.. she will grow.

So now she has hobbled off to school. Happy as a clam. Jeez, I need some freaking coffee.

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