Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bill O'Reilly And Barney Frank Face-Off Over Fannie & Freddie: "You're A Coward!" "You Think That Toughness Is Yelling And Ranting And Trying To Bully"

This is exactly the kind of Republicanism I deal with when dealing with family. Condescending, nasty and bullying. If you are louder then me, then by definition you must be right. You change the rules mid-sentence to prove make your point and circular logic prevails.

I know that this "scorched earth" approach was the brainchild of Lee Atwater, but what most Republicans forget is that at the end, before Atwater's death, he regretted his tactics, which he referred to as a "tumor on the soul".

Yet they keep letting the tumor grow... with the likes of O'Reilly feeding it with bile.
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