Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey and it was a good evening too!

Yeah, I know it doesn't seem that way, but we were all mellow Saturday night. My folks had been over for dinner. I was assured that my father wasn't going to pull out his catheter for an unmentionable medical issue (common in order men). Mom was relaxing. Enough to tell me how Barack Obama wasn't an American citizen... which my father even takes issue with because my father knows what it is like to be born in Honolulu before it was a state and has been accused of not being a US citizen as a result.... He was born in 1942. Dad that is... Not Barack Obama. He was born in 1961... two years after Hawaii was made a state.

Anyhoo, we were having fun. I was being goofy. Imelda was pissed off to listen to music that was too loud and not of her choosing and Fun Daddy was being annoyed with Imelda.

This is as good as it gets at my house.


Poppy said...

I love the orange. And if you dare to come to our rough area of Queens (hahahaha) you can totally come over and experience a home where we are HAPPY! :D And you can be part of the HAPPY! :D

Maman said...

I am not afraid to go to Queens! Fun Daddy and the ILs lived in Queens Village! And I took the LIRR into Jamaica a couple of times! But I would like to be part of HAPPY! :D too! You guys are in one of Villages too, arent you?

Poppy said...

We were in Middle Village, but now in Richmond Hill, alllllmost in Jamaica.