Monday, October 13, 2008

What a game

I have spent the last 3 hours watching basketball. Or as it is played by Catholic school girls. Basket Tackle.

It is a hard, cruel game every team over the 6th grade made 20 or more fouls. I am not kidding.

You wanna know how bad it was? Imelda made 5 fouls. FIVE.

Then the 8th graders played. and Lillith 4 fouls. And Imelda, who was asked to play up on the 8th grade team, made another 2 fouls.

Holy cripes!

The girls from the other team were literally trying to pull Frieda's jersey off of her. And Drina hit the ground more times than I could count.

The 7th graders won their game 28-16. The 8th graders lost 31-35. Next game Friday.

Oh, and I got to meet Lillith's new boyfriend, Thor. He seems a very nice boy. But he is 6'2". Six feet. Two inches. Holy mothers of the gods. Now that being said, he spoke politely to me and shook my hand that I offered to him. No limp fish. Gah! I am not ready for this.

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