Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Issues with Letterman

I watched Dave tonight.

He had John McCain on tonight. And that was a mistake.

Why? Well the moment that McCain dissed Dave the first time should have been the end to McCain's campaign on CBS or at least with Dave.

Because if he can't treat Dave with any respect? Well, he isn't doing better for us. His issue? Well, Life hasn't been fair to him and his running mate.

Well welcome to the lives of the rest of us, you son of a bitch!

Really, it is that simple.

You wanna go talk to my parents? They will tell you all about how I am difficult to deal with and really all I want is for this nation to become a marxist state. The irony? My parents have never read Marx. or Lenin. or Mao.

I have.

Clearly they know more than I do.

I know what socialism is.... and it is happening NOW!!! under the Republicans... but not to the benefit of the PEOPLE. Just for the machine that is your Republican neighborhood association.

Now from watching McCain on the Late Show, I can tell you that they are the people that I grew up with. But as it turns out that they are showing the same subtlely that I encountered when I was a Republican teen.

a. still approaching young girls? Yup. still there that I have seen
b. active racism? still there? but horrible.

ugh. can't think of other things. Cuz I am tired.

Sorry. I hate people and will feel better then. in the meantime... good night bitches (oh does that make me Paris Hilton?) yeah, I thought not. grrrrr

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