Monday, October 20, 2008

Trying to decide

Should I laugh or cry over this email:

please print 4 mee 4 got to send it 2 u yesterday
thanks 4 a great week end
This is from Imelda. On the one hand she can't spell her way out of a paper bad....

On the plus side, she told me thank you for a great weekend...

I am crying with the joy of it it anyway... and I will give her a big kiss.... Beats the hell out of being called a whore.


Poppy said...

If Imelda ever calls you a whore please SMACK Fun Daddy in the chops for me.

And, yes, it's ok to be happy.

And she's just leet speaking like all the other kids. Even my mom leets now.

Chicka said...

I say smack them both...just for the fun of it.