Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

(please note that this post was written pre-Thanksgiving in preparation of my being a bit slow and/or mentally disabled on Friday.. or worse.. overwhelmed in dishes...)

What does that require?

Cooking? check. I am working on that.. some of the food that I have made is down-right pretty...

Cleaning? Well doing ALL the cooking means I don't have time to catch up with much.

For instance:

Dining room table? A gigantic pile. Why? Well, it is mine and Fun Daddy's desk and the dumping ground of everything in the house.

Floors? They have been spilled upon a bit lately. By my, by Fun Daddy... by everyone.

I have cooked.

Fun Daddy, is searching for a new job and has been diligently working towards that...

Girls? Well, they were both supposed to be home Di-rectly afterschool. Did this happen?

Naturally no. Imelda started sending text messages to me mid morning... She wants to go to the movies. Twilight. Thanks a bunch, Miss Britt! Somehow you convinced Imelda to fall in love with the Vampire Edward too!

And Lillith? Well, she has been working on a "project" everyday after school for a week. She is NEVER home anymore.

Both girls arrived home at 9:00pm..

Did any of their chores get done?

NO. And I still have more cooking to do tomorrow. Fun Daddy is getting tired of me muttering under my breath how much I hate people. Yeah, yeah... it is the season of love and hope and already I wish that I could make all people go away.

This is NOT a good omen.

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