Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now I Feel Better!

I was watching Harry Connick Jr. on David Letterman...

Apparently, child-rearing is screwy with him too.

They have been raising chickens, which I have seen alot of at Treehugger and will prolly not stop harrassing Fun Daddy for because it seems fun...

They (The Connick Jr.'s) had a couple of roosters which I would not have... but stilll... they were enjoying them. He suggested that one of the roosters might bite it on election eve... apparently one rooster was white, the other was black. The roosters were named according to their appropriate presidential candidate. According to Harry, the white rooster, McCain, got difficult before the election. And by that I mean, he was pecking and being fiesty when anyone got near him.... Everyone warned the damned bird. to no avail.

When Harry suggested to his daughter that the rooster was.., well, dinner... she was apparently..

Perfectly agreeable to that.


Lillith only pretends to be appalled these days. But as we know? She enjoys chicken. I believe that she would enjoy rooster.

We just won't let her play with it before hand....

I will do that!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Chickens!

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