Sunday, November 16, 2008

How often do you go to Church?

I remember when I just went for Christmas and Easter...

Now, because Lillith is making her confirmation I am going more Sundays then not. Add in Imelda serving at 7:30 am mass all week? Well, today was the 5th time this week that I went.

But honestly, I have learned that it isn't a good idea to just drop Imelda off for early morning mass. Why?

Well, let me explain something about our parish. We have three priests. One is Indian and serves our Syro-Malabar community,one is elderly and Polish and decidedly old school (by which I mean that he doesn't approve of girls being on the altar for any reason) and the third, is a young (35)priest in his first time running a church.

Some weeks the morning mass is the same priest every day or like this week, it switches. And this week on Wednesday and Thursday, Fr. Eugene handled mass. The problem? Fr. Eugene isn't well. He is frail, unsure on his feet and loses his place in the mass or just starts mumbling. This is a problem on a Sunday, when there are cantors, lectors, deacons and three altar servers. But 7:30 in the morning? Who else is the altar with Father? Um, that would be Imelda.

So when He almost past out on the altar? That was Imelda's problem. When he spilled the wine? Imelda. She left church crying with frustration. She doesn't know what to do. Does she help the priest? Does she maintain her role as server? Will Fr. Eugene be mad at her? It is an untenable situation for a 12 year old to be in.

So the next time she has that early morning mass? One of her parents will be there to help her if she needs it.


Chicka said...

I don't if I can at all help it, but you probably already knew that. I think organized church is one of the major downfalls of spirituality, whatever it may be.

Poppy said...

The last time I went to church for the purpose of going to church was in my teens.

The last time I went to church at all was a mass for Puppy.