Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Fun Daddy is out of town. Girls have their schedules to adhere to including basketball tonight and Thursday night. I am having trouble focusing. I don't know why? Must be 7:30 mass. When all else fails, I will blame god, I guess. Actually, we have gotten used to having Fun Daddy around the house. He seems to understand that my brain works best from 11:00am-midnight... whereas his works better 6:00am-7:00pm. Unfortunately, with him out of town, I am responsible from 6:00am-midnight which is the preschool schedule I used to have to keep in the bad old days. Sigh.

I was looking forward to talking to Aunt Amy but I couldn't seem to get a line out. And then, voila! I did! Naturally, my conversation was exactly five minutes in length before my phone started ringing. But with a number I didn't know. So I ignored it when it came through on my cell... and then it came through on my house phone.... and then again.


I wait until I have the perfect opportunity to speak to my friend who lives almost 4,000 miles away and NOW the phone starts to ring. I pop over and find out it is Fun Daddy... it turns out that the school called (from a secret unknown number.. Gee, Thanks guys!) Lillith is having an allergic reaction. So I hang up with Aunt Amy and call back the school.

Lillith and Imelda too got lighted during science lab because they were working with cottonwood fluff. (hmmm, let me guess an exercise in mass, weight and volume?) She has permission to stay out of science and I will pick her up later... but the question is... WHO the FUCK uses allergic fluff for a science lab? Were there no hypo-allergenic cotton balls?


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