Thursday, November 20, 2008

what if your friends don't agree

today Lillith attended a big deal for one of her school friends. Sanchia. Now, Sanchia, used to be a Catholic, but now?

Not so much.

Now Lillith has attended services tonight for her friend Sanchia who was being baptised.

Did all of Lillith's class attend? No.

Why? Well, Sanchia is a Christian. What this means? I have no fucking idea.

Why? I have no idea of Sanchia's level of Christianity. I am sure that she is truly devout. But does that mean that Lillith is interested? No. When I suggested that Sanchia was evangelizing? Well, what the fuck do I know?

As it turns out? more than I appear to know.

Not that Lillith is willing to talk about it.


How do I get her to talk to me about this?


Aunt Maggie said...

I recommend not trying to talk to her about it. Pushing her will only encourage her to give more credence to the evangelizing - out of spite or annoyance or general teenage stubbornness. Even if she does seem to be pretty hot on this right now, I guarantee it will pass, particularly if she doesn't get a rise out of you about it. Good luck, babe!

Maman said...

She was talking more about it on her own this morning. At least we can say that the Church wasn't a store front but she got the full court press. Mostly she was just creeped out.

Poppy said...

Nefarious: Create an email that looks like it's from one of her friends and email her.

Non-nefarious: What Aunt Maggie said.