Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are you F***ing Kidding Me?

This is a bet I am placing. And it is only against myself, because no sucker would take such a bet.

But when Lillith gets home from her first non-grounded day, this is what she will be saying to me when she sees her bedroom.

See, with 4 inches of rain and temps of almost 60o today, our previous six inches of snow is almost gone. Overnight. And while we won't be as hard hit as some folks, we will get some seepage. Through the back door of the basement and into Imelda's bedroom. In fact, it is ALWAYs Imelda's bedroom that takes the hit. It is obviously the low point in the house... or something. But that means that I have to move Imelda's bed.

Now, now, I didn't move the bed to Lillith's room. Instead I moved it to the TV room. And that means that the futon had to be moved. And yes, THAT got moved into Lillith's room. It is smaller than the bed so it made sense.


There is no way that Lillith is going to want to deal with it. Even though she LOVES that futon and most nights sleeps there instead of in her own bed.

Still... I love to see how it is going to go... Cuz I am a sucker that way.


Poppy said...

I wish your kids didn't take you for granted so they'd understand that what you did is actually nice and then give you "I love you, Mom!" praise for being proactive.


Maman said...

It is ok Poppy. Lillith wasn't upset or anything. She came home and said, "oh, ok".

Imelda on the other hand.. well when one girl is being good, the other has to be rotten. Nature abhors a vacuum.