Monday, December 15, 2008

Bah Humbug

I am not in a holiday mood.

My tree sits unfinished. No one can find the missing box of ornaments that also contains the garland.

The season isn't particularly jolly this year... I am going to back to work, assuming I can find anything. Fun Daddy's employment contract is up and WON'T be renewed. Which means we currently have no income and by the end of the month will have no insurance.

In the meantime, Lillith bitches about everything I say or do. I bought her the wrong sneakers. I don't buy the right kind of food. She only has on pair of jeans even though I gave her money to buy jeans and she bought two camis and a headband.

And Christmas shopping? It is hobo gifts all around here.. except for the girls... and then Fun Daddy already told them what they are getting. I am sure that on Christmas morning, Lillith will be heard screeching throughout the house, "Please don't tell me that THIS is the color you bought me! OMFG, Don't you know ANYTHING about me?"

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