Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things about me

I got tagged on The Facebook by my friend Jim... it took me a while to figure out what to say, so I figured that I better make a post about it....

  1. I think I look younger with short grey hair than I did when I had long red hair
  2. I have no gallbladder. I can thank my children for that.
  3. I long to drink wine and stare at Homer’s “Wine Dark Sea”
  4. I once spoke with Kathy Bates. We were both at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. France.
  5. I love the History Channel and the Discovery Channel
  6. I was once named “Most likely to perform operatic Shakespeare”
  7. I can’t stop biting my nails
  8. I am very easy going. But if you end up on my shit list, you are there forever.
  9. My first French teacher, Mme. Berger made the students use French names in class. My name was Elise.
  10. It is now my daughter’s middle name.
  11. Sometimes my friend Randy still calls me that… although usually as Elise the sleaze. I then have to call him Philippe the creep
  12. I would be naked all the time if I could. There is nothing nicer than the sun and breeze on your skin.
  13. I live on a street that shares its name with a city in Florida. . Often, and I mean very often, the first part of the word is miss-spelled to include the word Penis.
  14. I believe in ESP, psychics, ghosts, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and the Yeti. In other words, I think there is too much we don’t understand to discount any of it. But I believe in science too.
  15. I have made croissants from scratch
  16. I never feel safe when there is lightning. When I was little my grandmother told me how she was almost struck by lightning in the basement. If you can’t be safe underground, then where?
  17. I once had a three year period in my life when I had four abdominal surgeries
  18. My face was run over by a Flexible Flyer when my Uncle Bill took me sledding. He got in trouble for that, but it was another boys fault. I never thought that was fair. I also remember it taking four doctors and nurses to hold me down for the stitches.
  19. When people call me by the wrong name, inevitably the name they call me is Bridget. And they don’t know why because they don’t like the Bridget that they know.
  20. I am learning to speak Greek to be ready for #3. I am having trouble with the Cyrillic alphabet.
  21. I am excellent in an emergency, at a sick bed, with the dying or at a funeral. This is because I have had a lot practice.
  22. I have no respect for people who “can’t deal” or are “too uncomfortable” with their obligations related to #21. Grow up.
  23. I broke my foot by falling off of a pogo stick. Kristin Mattucci had to help me hop back home.
  24. I would rather be smart then beautiful, which is lucky for me as I am only one of those things.
  25. I always set off the metal detectors at the airport. I would rather take off my shirt and show the TSA that it is my bra setting off the alarm (which should be self-evident if you have seen me) then to have to have those people touch me.

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vkg_gal said...

Wow, that exercise would take me a month! I knew almost all of them except #6, 14, 16, 17, and 18. Not bad!