Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting Pooped On

She had things that she was looking for on her birthday.

She NEEDED a new phone. Her old phone stopped sending or receiving text messages. And to any 14 year old? This is a crime against nature. It is like being mute. or Rahm Emanuel post accident.

Any way....

This girl who takes every phone she has ever been given and in six months wears off the finish on the buttons. Which in Lillith's case means Copper.

Ever see a phone which copper colored buttons? Exactly.

That is how much she texts.

Her new phone has problems.

It won't hold a charge.


It has done the math and guessed that there is nothing that cell phone will do to stay attached to Lillith for two years. Good lord, just imagine the torture that would be undergone. Can you blame the phone?

I thought not.

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