Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wingnut A-Go-Go

I believe that I have stated in the past that the majority of my relatives are right of Attila the Hun. Naturally for my birthday, relatives have been unable to resist harassing me with political crap. (You would think that President Obama had been an do-nothing President in office for the last 3 1/2 years instead of a guy working his ass off for the last oh, say 21 days... but whatever)

Late on my birthday I get this:


I hear BO is going to place in the Stimulus Package a small earmark just for you… 25 Million or so… just to convert your family relatives to ACLU members and “progressives” (liberals in disguise). I don’t think it’s going to be enough.

Even a proud “Progressive” deserves a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many happy returns.

Love UB

Now, UB is PARANOID about the ACLU. Like the ACLU wants to castrate your sons, cancel Christmas and otherwise brainwash you and make you sing Kumbiyah for the rest of your days kind of paranoid. Needless to say that it Fer-REEKS, him out that I am a card carrying member.

So, naturally I countered:

Oh UB,

You misunderstood. That wasn't an earmark to convert you all to the ACLU... That was medical research for brain transplants....

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Your niece,


I had to have some fun...

My birthday dinner with my Dad I had to listen to how President Obama mis-spent the first half of the TARP fund in December even though GWB was the POTUS. It made my brain hurt. Apparently that is Rush Limbaugh's latest pronouncement. Being a staunch independent free-thinking Ditto-head, my father must agree...

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